HSE 5k Results

The results of the HSE 5k from this morning are now available in Excel / PDF. Well done to the 228 finishers who raced on a fine crisp Sunday morning. Mark Hanrahan put in a fine performance with a sub 15 minute run. The next 3 finishers were all non-registered runners so unfortunately were not […]

Race Notification: HSE 5k

The HSE 5k race takes place on Sunday November 12th at 11am in Mahon. Please note change of venue and pass on the message, especially to those who are not online. It will take the same route as the CPO/Garda 5k race earlier this year with 2 laps of the course. Registration is open from […]

CPO Garda 5k Results

The results of the CPO Garda 5k from this evening are now online in Excel / PDF. Well done to all our finishers on a lovely July evening.

It won’t have gone unnoticed that there was a mistake made with the route on the first lap by the top 3 following a lead car. Unfortunately […]

Race Notification: CPO Garda 5k

Our next race is the CPO/Garda 5k race on Wednesday July 5th at 8pm. Registration takes place from 6.30pm at the Mahon Community Centre on Avenue de Rennes. The race is on the same route as last year starting near Mahon church with 2 laps.

IPS Garda 5k Results

*** UPDATE July 11***

We now have final results including times available at the links below. We had some technical difficulties so apologies for the mix up. Thanks to everybody who provided details to help track the issue down. If you’ve now won a prize you can contact Mick Dooley (087 9790806) or come […]

Race Notification: IPS Garda 5k

The next race on the BHAA calendar is the IPS/Garda 5k on Wednesday July 6th at 8pm. Registration is now at St Michaels Gaelic Football Club in Mahon from 6.30pm with the race route in its vicinity. Details to be updated here in due course.