GNI 5k Results

Update 25/7/23: Some last minute changes in 0/50M Category and 1 new runner added. The form is now closed.

Update 23/7/23: Last few changes made and team results are now final. We will have the team prizes at the next race or email to arrange collection from the Gas Networks Ireland offices in Cork near the Elsyian.

Update 22/7/23: Further update with additional runners added. Team prizes will be confirmed by end of Sunday to allow for any further updates. To assist, we have uploaded the finish line videos to Youtube

  1. Up to 25 mins
  2. 25 mins on

Update 21/7/23: Results have been updated using the links below. Thank you to those who provided their details on the GNI race page. The form will remain open until after the weekend if you want to include your results. We will confirm team prizes after the weekend to allow for any last updates.

Please note that vast majority of details received under the Wrong Time category were due to gun time versus net time. We don’t use a mat at the starting line and will always use gun time.

Thank you for your patience.


The results of the GNI 5k race from this evening are now available in Excel / PDF. There was a very large turn out for this race on one of the drier evenings in quite some time.

We had issues with bibs so the results are incomplete for the moment. If you dont’t see your time in the results, please fill out the form on the GNI 5k Race Page. We also want to know if your time is out by more than 5 seconds as quite a few were added in manually. Team prizes are only provisional at present and may be adjusted as results are updated so we will wait until the weekend when final team prizes will be issued.

Mick Dooley already has photos up on our Facebook page. Photo below shows Niall Shanahan coming home in first place with a great time. More finish line photos to be posted on Facebook in coming days.