Cork to Cobh Registration

To register for Cork to Cobh, please enter your details below. You will be brought to Paypal to complete payment. Please note, a processing charge of €0.89 will be added to the transaction.

If you don’t wish to pay online, you can still use the registration form (Word doc) and send it to Kevin Cummins, 24 Ashleigh Drive, Blackrock, Cork with €15 cheque payable to Cork BHAA.

For non-registered runners, please enter your club or geographical location to include in results.

Cork to Cobh 2018 - Payment Form

Enter the payment details and submit. Please turn off auto-complete as this may give us incorrect information.

Payment for: Cork to Cobh 2018

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 I consent to my data being retained by Cork BHAA after payment has been processed. This will never be shared with other people or organisations and will only be used for the purpose of Cork to Cobh 2018 race and results.

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