Registration for Cork BHAA still costs just €10 per runner per calendar year. Races cost €5 for registered runners and €10 for non-registered runners so you will quickly make back the membership cost. Only registered runners are eligible for prizes so it’s a worthwhile investment when you consider the team prizes available.

Payment will still take place offline, you are not registered until we receive payment. Check the Registered Runners list before a race to see if you have been added. Registration details and payment needs to be received 24 hours before a race.

There are two methods to register depending on whether your team has a secretary or not. If in doubt, just use the Excel method.

Does your team have a secretary?

YES – Download the following Excel file: Cork-BHAA-Registration, fill in an entry under Individual Runners and email it to your team secretary and send them the €10 membership. That’s it, you’re done! 

Team secretary: please send us completed Excel files for your team

    • by email to, and either
      1. by post to Kevin Cummins at 24 Ashleigh Drive, Skehard Rd, Blackrock, Cork with cheque payable to Cork BHAA or
      2. bank transfer to our bank account, IBAN available upon request to

Please do not send runner details to us by email without using the Excel file. This slows down the registration process and is prone to errors.

NO – Use the form below to register. Note, this method should be used only when companies are spread across many locations and do not have a team secretary or if your company has less than 5 runners.

You must print the completed form below after you click Register and send this with your €10 membership to Kevin Cummins.



What if my team name is not in the form list?

You must use the Cork-BHAA-Registration Excel sheet to provide the team secretary details. While you’re at it, you should fill in the runner details there too as team names will take some time to be added to the form.

What I don’t have access to a printer to print the completed form?

If you don’t have access to a printer, please provide a note of name, email and date of birth when paying your membership.

How do I print the form?

Complete the form first and hit Register.

  • If you’re using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, right-click and select Print.
  • If you’re using Firefox, click Ctrl+p together to bring up the print dialog box.

How do I find out who my team secretary is?

You can contact the Cork BHAA registrar, Kevin Cummins, details on the About page.

Why are there 2 methods for registering, form and using Excel?

Good question! The Excel sheet is the preferred method.  Teams vary in sizes from 1 or 2 in a company to more than 40 in larger companies. The Excel method makes it more efficient for us to administer registrations as the membership fee for all runners entered in the Excel sheet are accounted for using the cheque/postal order sent in by the team secretary. We have to manually match up runners who register via the form on this page with their submission with membership.  This is a voluntary organisation and we want to get people registered as quickly as possible in order to pay the reduced race entry fee.

I have more questions about the registration process.

That’s ok, you can contact us on FacebookTwitter or email us at  We will try to respond as quickly as possible and will add clarifications here if many people are asking the same questions.


Registration for small teams

Teams with 5 runners or less should use the form below.

1. Complete the form below

2. Press Register

3. Print the page

4. Send this and €10 by cheque/postal order made payable to Cork BHAA to Kevin Cummins, 24 Ashleigh Drive, Skehard Rd, Blackrock, Cork.

If your company name is not in the drop down list, you are either a new company registering or you had more than 5 runners in previous years in which case we’d prefer if you use the Excel method to register via your team secretary.

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  1. My company is Tralee Physical Therapy. May add a few more runners, less than 4 in time. Thanks

    1. Hi Niamh, thanks for the comment. As a new company can you fill out the Excel form and follow the instructions for registering runners?

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