Cork to Cobh Race Day

The Cork to Cobh race takes place tomorrow morning at 9am and we have 647 runners pre-registered. 70 of you registered since Tuesday so you must collect your bib from us at Union Chandlery on Alfred St from 7.30am. Please don’t leave this until the last minute to avoid the usual rush just before the start of the race.

Pre-registered runners in Excel / PDF.

There are few things to note for the morning.

  • Entries on race day costs €20 with entries being taken at Union Chandlery on Alfred St.
  • If you haven’t received your bib and you entered before Tuesday at 8pm, come into us early as we’ll need to update your details.
  • If you haven’t given us your age on registration, you won’t be eligible for an age category prize unless we get the info before the race. Check the list above to be sure we have the correct age category for you. Also worth checking gender as we had to update a number of these entered incorrectly. Email us at if you spot anything wrong.
  • Litter: we have been contacted by Tidy Towns associations along the route who have asked that we leave the route as we find it. Please aid us by not throwing gel wrappers away except at water stations and by leaving the water plastic cups near the water stations. We will be tidying the route after the race but this is done by volunteers who have better things to be doing with their time.
  • Water stations are at 4, 8, and 12 mile marks.
  • The race route is not closed to traffic so be careful and keep to the left hand side of the road for the whole race. Each year I drive down to Cobh after registration and there are runners 3 and 4 abreast on the Cobh road.
  • The road is down to one lane outside the train station near the start.  Be wary and take your time here as it’s only for a short distance.
  • For those of you unfamiliar with BHAA races, you must keep your place in tunnel after the finish line until your number has been taken down both on paper and on the laptop. Try to have your bib visible as it may be under another layer.
  • T-shirt will be provided after the finish line. Know what size you want to avoid queues backing up.
  • Last, but not least, no earphones allowed. Anybody found using earphones will be disqualified.

Enjoy the race and let’s make it a safe and enjoyable event for everybody.