Membership is open to all people in employment on payment of a €15 registration fee for the calendar year. Note, you can pay €10 registration for 2024 if you get your registration and payment in before Jan 1 2024. Each race on the calendar, with the exception of the Business Houses Challenge which is promoted by the association itself, is organised by individual companies, or jointly organised by two or more companies affiliated to the BHAA.

Individuals who have not got sufficient numbers of runners in their place of employment to form a team, are always welcome in BHAA events. Indeed, registered individual runners with less than a full team form a good part of any entry. The incentive is then to ‘coerce’ a fellow worker or workers to run.

Most events use company recreational facilities or company canteens for registration, dressing and post-race catering. This keeps the promoters costs within reason and also allows them to offer superior facilities to the runner.

Affiliation and registration with the BHAA is arranged in large organisations through a team secretary. If you work in ESB, An Post, EMC, Bank of Ireland, Guinness, Primary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, or any of the companies listed in the results in this website, finding your team secretary should not be too difficult. If it is difficult, the BHAA registrar or any committee member at a BHAA event should be able to find out for you.

Events vary in distance from 5K to 15 miles, though most road races are between 4 and 6 miles and there is also a cross country event on the calendar.

While you do not have to be registered before you arrive at an event, it is in your own interest that you should complete a registration form and send it off a week before the event. This saves going through a registration process on the day, and ensures that you are eligible in the prize list.

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  1. where can i get a registration form please, i cannot see it on your website! can you send me a copy please electronically

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