Reminder: Cork BHAA 5k

Quick reminder that Cork BHAA are holding our first race of the year next Sunday October 24 at 11am in Little Island. Registration starts at 9.30am and will close at 10.50am so do try to get there as early as possible. Race costs are €5 for registered runners and €10 for non-registered runners.

As things stand, Covid restrictions may or may not be fully lifted by next Sunday. In light of this and the numbers of Covid cases at the moment, the following restrictions will apply on race day. This is a trial race for the BHAA to try and get going again. We want to make the race as enjoyable and safe as possible for everybody involved. If you do not agree with these restrictions, please do not come to the race.


  • Entrance to the hall will be via a queue outside the building to minimise numbers indoors at any time. Masks must be worn inside the hall and toilet areas.
  • Once registered, runners will be asked to leave via the emergency exit. There will be no waiting around inside the hall.
  • If you are with a group of runners, we advise having one person register for the group.


  • The race will start as usual with our traditional gun to finish line timing. However, please consider holding back and spacing out at the start to give each other room.
  • We hope to minimise the usual tunnel queuing at the finishline by making use of cameras and dictating bib numbers for results after. Please ensure your bib is visible to the front as you approach the finish line and complete the race.


  • There will be no post-race refreshments or prize-giving back at the hall.
  • Results will be posted on on Sunday evening.
  • Prizes at this race are only for top 3 registered men and women. These will be given out at the race itself or posted if you provided an address to us at registration.

All runners registered for 2020 are still registered for this race. Check if your name is on the list on our Registered Runners page. You can search by runner or company here.

If you have recently contacted us to register for 2021, you will need to follow the instructions as per the Register page. However, with only 1 race planned so far it may not be worthwhile to register for this year. No further races are guaranteed. Anyone who registers with us this month will also be registered for 2021.