Race Notification: BHAA 6k

Our next race takes place this weekend on Sunday February 13 at 11am. This was originally scheduled to be organised by Janssen but their race will take place later in the year. Registration will take place at the Little Island Sports Hall from 9.30am with registered runners costing €5 and non-registered runners €10.

The registered runners list will be updated on Saturday to reflect all recent additions so check on that in advance of the race if you have recently registered. If you don’t see your name there

If you would like to register with Cork BHAA for 2022, please get your details into us by Saturday in advance of the race.

Even through general Covid restrictions are being lifted, the following still applies for this race:

  • Masks are mandatory at registration.
  • There will be no refreshments provided after the race to reduce risk in an indoor setting.
  • We would also appreciate if groups can be registered by a single person coming into the hall where possible.
  • Wherever possible we will hold registration outdoors.