Race Notification: MTU 5k & Upcoming AGM

Our next race is the MTU 5k on Sunday March 6th at 11am. MTU is the new name for CIT with registration taking place at the university from 9.30am. This was our last race pre-Covid so we’re looking forward to having our second outing of this event. Race costs €5 for registered and €10 for non-registered. For anybody recently registered, we will be updating our registered runners list later on this week.

Our AGM has been rescheduled for the March 10th at 8pm at The Address (formerly Ambassador Hotel). We are always looking for new people to join the committee so contact any member of the committee or leave a message on Facebook or via email to register@corkbhaa.com before March 6th.

Likewise, if you have any motions to improve how the organisation operates, please let us know by March 6th.

Please note a change in the calendar where there is no race now on March 27. This was to be the UCC 10k and more recently re-branded to be a BHAA race but this has now been cancelled.