Race Notification: Janssen 5k

The next race on our calendar is the Janssen 5k on Sunday February 12 at 11am. Please note that this was originally scheduled to be a 6k but is now going to use the same route as our previous race in Little Island. Once you enter Eastgate Business Park, you turn left and run clockwise. On the second loop, you cut across from the far side at the mid-point with the finishing line soon after.

Registration takes place at Little Island Sports Hall from 9.30am. As always, check the Registered Runners list in advance and check if you’re registered. If there’s any confusion about your registration status, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be added in on the morning of the race so take the time to check the list and we have all the correct details for you. As agreed at the recent AGM, age categories for men over 75 and women over 70 will be included before the race but have not been update at this stage.

As usual, race entry costs just €5 for registered runners and €10 for non-registered runners.

We will be using our chip timing again for this race. In the interest of sustainability and reducing cost, we are going to trial retrieving the bibs at the end of the race. Please be ready to remove the bib after we have counted you through the tunnel. The chip timing element is still just being tested so we are using our tunnel systems for results. To help ensure you get counted, please don’t bend the bib or cover the bib when crossing the finishing line.

Revised Little Island 5k route