Race Notification: UCC 10k

The next race on the Cork BHAA calendar is the UCC Carmel Lynch 10k race on Sunday Apr 3 at 11am. Registration takes place as usual at the Western Gateway Buildings from 9.30am where the old greyhound track was. You should be registered by 10.40am to allow time to get across the start line. Similar to last year, the race will start outside the Mardyke Gym but the finish will be slightly different. You will enter the car park off the Straight Rd and finish behind the Kingsley Hotel. This will be highlighted at the race briefing and well stewarded. Click the map image below to see the race page.



Cork BHAA UCC 10k 2016

2 comments to Race Notification: UCC 10k

  • Alan Lehane

    My race time for the UCC 10km race yesterday was a little inaccurate. I finished the race in 35:44 on the results it is 35:47

    • Cork BHAA Admin

      Alan, unless the the was out by a large margin we don’t change these. It’s never going to be precise to the second as there are so many variables involved. In fact, I take this to be a validation of the times.


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