UCC Carmel Lynch 10k Results

The results of the UCC 10k race from this morning are now available in Excel / PDF. 475 runners registered for this race on near perfect conditions. Well done to UCC for hosting a well organised and marshaled race as usual. The change of venue this year may have caught a few people out but hopefully nobody missed out. Most up to date information on our races can only be found here on our site.

Safety notice

There seemed to be more than usual earphone wearers today. Earphones are not allowed at our races, or most races, as they distract the runner from road conditions and announcements from stewards. This is mentioned at the start of all our races. We had a report of one near miss for a runner wearing earphones. In future races, any runner wearing earphones will not have their name published in the results and will only be marked as “Earphone wearer”. As their result will be voided, they will also forfeit any prizes, including team prizes for themselves and their team-mates. We would rather not take this measure as it may be seen as draconian and adds extra admin on our side. However, our insurance requires runners to not wear earphones and it is in the interest of safety for all runners that we will do this. We appreciate your cooperation on this.


Paula has a great set of photos on Facebook.

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