Race Notification: UCC 10k

Our next race is the UCC Carmel Lynch 10k race on Sunday April 2. Registration takes place at the Main Restaurant on campus this year opening up at 9.30am. The race starts at 11am so you would want to be registered by 10.45am to make your way over to the start.

You can show your interest for this on their Facebook event page.

6 comments to Race Notification: UCC 10k

  • Marguerite murphy

    Names missing from today’s race results
    Marguerite murphy
    Mary Ann o Sullivan
    Are these results correct what ye have posted??

  • Hello there.
    Is it only BHAA registered people who are eligible for race prizes at the BHAA races?

    • Cork BHAA Admin

      Hi Alan, yes I’m afraid so. It only costs €10 to register and races are only €5 then. See our Register page.

      • Hi
        I just think that’s a bit odd.
        The BHAA charge a person €10 and a BHAA member pays €5.
        Then to tell a non BHAA runner you can’t be considered for a prize if your efforts on the day warrant a prize.

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