Race Notification: ESB Cross Country

The first race of 2018 is already upon us with the ESB X Country 5k taking place on Sunday January 7th at 11am. Registration takes place at the Cork Con Rugby Club from 9.30am. We will be using the registered runners list from last year for this race only. We would appreciate if you get registered as soon as possible and do it in bulk using the Excel file if you are running with a larger company.

The 2018 calendar of races is now available. As always, this is subject to change throughout the year so always refer back to our website for the most up to date information. We are not responsible for information on other sites.

The AGM will take place on Thursday Jan 11 at 8pm at the Ambassador Hotel. We are always looking for new people to join the committee so contact any member of the committee or leave a message on Facebook or via email to register@corkbhaa.com. Likewise, if you have any motions to improve how the organisation operates, please let us know in advance of the AGM.

Finally, we are making some changes in the background on CorkBHAA.com this week. If there is any downtime, please refer to our Facebook page.