ESB Cross Country 5k Results

The results of the ESB Cross Country 5k from this morning are now online in Excel / PDF. Well done to the 199 finishers on a fine January morning. We actually had 200 registered to start the race which is a record for this race I’m told.

Photos to follow. You can see a sideways live video on our Facebook page of the start. Note to self, put phone on portrait mode for live videos!

Paula Mulcahy has a selection of photos on her Facebook page.

As mentioned before, the BHAA AGM takes place on Thursday at 8pm at the Ambassador Hotel. New people are needed to join the committee and help out at races. We are also looking for proposals on any changes you’d like to see with the BHAA races.

We’re in the middle of changing hosts for our site so if there’s any downtime or a duplicate post sent out apologies in advance.

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