Bord Gais 5k Results 2014

Results from the Bord Gais 5k this morning are now available (Excel/PDF).  It was a wet and cold morning so well done to all who braved the conditions. The sun even shone through by the end of the race.

As usual if you spot any discrepancies in the results, let us know in the comments.

Kieran Minihane has a set of photos from the race on Flickr and Mick Dooley has a set on our Facebook page.

5 comments to Bord Gais 5k Results 2014

  • Diarmuid Holland

    Well organised race, with the weather drying out just in time. However my time is missing from the results, i.e. #329 coming in at a time of 17:57 (there is a photo with myself in a blue hat and the time overhead as proof). Maybe it’s time to bring in the chips on the numbers? When it’s totally manual, there’s plenty room for error. Thanks, Diarmuid Holland

    • Donal

      Diarmuid, will look into it.

      Re chip timing they are not completely infallible either. Have seen plenty of issues with them too. Plus they would increase costs at races by at least 50% where races barely break even.

  • Darren

    Ah to be fair #329 there are occasional errors,but all in all the results are pretty accurate. As for chip timing, its not cost effective. Most people looking for a VALUE race the extra few euro could put off more runners than the chip timing would bring in.Anyway didn’t you see your finishing time with the photo ?

  • alan

    Hi my time does not appear either @25.15 no 389 can u check same nameis alan morley

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